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Best media coverage!

Fighters Only is running a huge MMA awards thingy, kinda like the Worsties except actually legitimate and quite large. How large? The world’s largest MMA awards, apparently! Voting for nominations was done last month and they’ve just released the finalists for each category. And guess who squeaked into the finals for “Best Media Coverage”???

The crazy thing about this is that we didn’t do anything sketchy like promise to drink a gallon of milk if we got nominated. In fact, past one link to the awards we haven’t harassed you guys at all about this. That means we somehow managed to gain enough votes without any kind of coercion or fraud involved. Which is quite surprising to say the least!

At this point I’m unsure of how to react … I’m tempted to rally the jackals and get y’all to vote for us, but I’m worried that having us win ‘Best Media Coverage’ would hurt the legitimacy of the rest of the awards. People would say “Georges won Fighter of the Year!” and others would counter “And Fightlinker won Best Media Coverage, that’s how fucked that whole thing was.”

So here’s the deal: as tempted as I am to promise a pepper spray demonstration on Jake if we win, I’m not going to. If you’re feelin’ what we’re doin’, then by all means go and vote for us! If not, no big deal. It’s an honor to be nominated and I’m happy just being able to say SUCK MY NUTS, BLOODY ELBOW, CAGE POTATO AND FIVE OUNCES! SUCK MY CHEESY NUTS GOOD!