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Best Interviewee of all time: Don Frye

In the world of MMA there are fighters, and there are icons. Very few have the character and gigantic balls to become both. MMA pappy Don Frye, however, does possess the gruff personality and more than enough hair on his sizable bag to be both, and a bag of motha fuckin’ chips.

In his talk with, Don “The Stache” Frye talks about getting the boot from his ex, calls Dan Henderson “an asshole,” dishes his usual disdain for Dana White, and talks fighter pay – all the while maintaining he was forced to quit drinking a month ago, despite sounding absolutely thrashed, and despite no longer residing with the ex who allegedly forced him to quit drinking in the first place.

Ole Don has pretty much become the E.F. Hutton of MMA. Take away the fact the Hutton’s good name was sullied when the firm he founded basically started the shady shenanigans that begat the financial crisis that is still raping the world, and both were “must listen” elder statesmen of their respective professions.