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Benji Radach wants to be BJ Penn popular

Benji Radach didn’t have much to be ashamed of in his fight with Scott Smith. Sure, he gave Smith way too much time to recover every time he was knocked onto queer street. But with a guy like Smith who can take you out with one shot, I can understand the tentativeness. In the end, Smith vs Radach was a very entertaining fight and I was looking forward to seeing Benji Radach fight again.

But Radach’s next fight isn’t the kind I think anyone wants to see. He’ll be stepping in front of the CSAC to try and have Scott Smith’s win overturned:

Radach’s appeal is not quite official yet; he says he and his managers are putting together the official paperwork and plan to file it soon. In the submitted documents, Radach will point to several mistakes he feels referee Herb Dean made.

He had a second-round guillotine he cinched up tight on Smith, and says he felt Hands of Steel grab the cage to help him ease out of Radach’s grip. Radach says he even heard Dean say something to Smith about grabbing the fence. “If Scott hadn’t gotten ahold of the cage—which is blatantly against the rules—I think I would have finished him there,” Radach says.

Radach also thinks the stoppage was unfair, for two reasons.

First, he says he was okay and was scrambling to get back to his feet. “I was not out,” Radach says. (That’s arguable—Smith did land a big right hand that planed Radach on the canvas.)

Secondly, Radach says Smith ended the fight with an illegal blow to the back of the head. That claim seems to have some merit, based on the video.

Somebody needs to go over to Radach’s camp and slap everyone around with a trout right now. If he keeps this up he can kiss any fans he’s made from his fights against Ninja and Smith goodbye – AKA most of them since before he was another unknown IFL guy.

Hell, BJ Penn took a pounding in public during his ‘appeal’ and he had a case that didn’t look flimsy from every angle. Radach’s is based on a cage grab (something that results in a point deduction at worse) and a punch that hit the back of his head BECAUSE HE TURNED HIS HEAD IN THAT DIRECTION TO AVOID GETTING PUNCHED DIRECTLY IN THE FACE.

And don’t even get me started on Radach “not being out.” I can forgive guys for not realizing it in the cage right after it happens, because getting your brain shaken around like a baby that just won’t stop crying leads to a certain amount of confusion. But at this point with all the videos and animated gifs of the KO he might as well try to say the sky is pink. It’s easy to go outside and see it obviously isn’t. Yet. Maybe in another 10 years with all the shit the Chinese are pumping into the atmosphere. But for now, stop trying to sell us on your gay pink sky conspiracies, Benji “Baby” Radach.