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Benji Radach makes his case poorly

Cage Potato sat down with Benji Radach to get more information on his quest to make everyone hate him by contesting the result of his fight against Scott Smith. According to Benji, it’s all about the cage grab, until the person you’re talking to destroys the reasoning for that issue. Then it’s all about the punch to the back of the head: If you could Benji, sum up for me the main points outlined in your appeal.

Benji Radach: There are two main points. One, in the second round I had him in a guillotine, choking the piss out of him, and I thought I was just going to choke him unconscious. But he grabbed the fence and used it to pull us into a scramble and get out of the choke, which is illegal.

Number two, when I got hit with the big shot in the third and I hit the mat I was recovering and I was aware. I turned to the side to put my hand out and get up and he hit me with an illegal blow on the back of the head. That’s when the referee stopped the fight.

Let’s start with the fence-grabbing. That’s something that seems to have different consequences depending on the referee and the situation. Sometimes the ref just yells at the guy to let go and sometimes it’s a point deduction. Are you saying that you think something else should have been done about that during the fight?

Well, he did it when he was in the guillotine. Whenever someone grabs the fence to avoid a submission that’s an automatic point deduction.

Right, but since the fight didn’t go to a decision you could argue that a point deduction, even if Herb Dean had stepped in right then, wouldn’t have had a big impact on the outcome.

Yeah, the main point is the illegal shot to the back of the head.

My big issue with Radach here is he’s trying to make a case out of a few bad bounces. It’s unfortunate that a point wasn’t taken away for the fence grab, but that still wouldn’t have won him the fight. And the actual knockout? I don’t think there’s anyone out there who thinks there was anything dirty about that. Simply put, Scott Smith didn’t do anything that deserves having his win overturned. And that’s why Benji Radach is gonna continue to look like a cocksucker over this one.