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Ben Saunders wants a Swick rematch

While I’d rather see Ben Saunders take on Anthony Rumble Johnson in a ‘Godzillas of the Welterweight Division’ showdown before Rumble’s kidneys shut down, I also wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between Saunders and Mike Swick sometime down the road. So would Saunders, who called Swick out for being a sore winner the last time they fought:

“After the fight, (Swick) ended up coming to the back and talking for a bit,” he said. “I was kind of feeling out if he was just trying to gloat or just trying to rub it in my face. What’s going on here? I went with it. He seemed like it may have been he was more excited than gloating and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool man.’”

But then Saunders ran into Swick and the camp again later, he said.

“I went up to Bob Cook after, I was looking for my corner Paul Rodriguez and I said, ‘Hey Bob, have you seen Paul?’ said Saunders. “And he was like, ‘Man, you’re still smiling, huh?’ I had nothing to be ashamed of. I got TKO’ed by Mike Swick and I’m fighting in the UFC living my dream and then they said something. Then as I was walking away his entire corner and Mike Swick were more like, ‘Got knocked the f— out,’ or something like that. And I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I thought that was ridiculous, arrogant and uncalled for.”

The welterweight fighter said he couldn’t believe the fighter now in front of him was the same one that had visited him backstage earlier.

“Mike Swick just was in the back with me trying to be cool with me and then you’re going to act like that because you’re with your crew and all laughing in my face as I’m walking away?” asked Saunders.

Yeah, this is total high school stuff, but isn’t it part of the fun of MMA that shit like this gets to be settled in the cage?