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Ben Saunders vs Jared Rollins at UFC86

Another bout has been locked in for UFC86 … Ben Saunders vs Jared Rollins. I know it’s hard to keep all these TUF guys straight in your head so here’s the deal with both of em:

Ben Saunders: Ben lost to Tommy Speer on TUF6, but only because he was sick as hell during the fight and tripping balls on medication. Since then he hasn’t done much other than be extremely boring during the TUF7 finale.

Jared Rollins: That big black dude from TUF7 who’s got a tiny little Mike Tyson voice. He also popularized a new way of fucking people up from the guard: dubiously legal downward elbows to the cranium.

You ask me for a prediction right now and I’ll say Rollins is gonna chew Saunders up and spit him out. Saunders doesn’t have any finishing tools while Rollins has proved he’s not there to fuck around.

  • FightStinker is RIGHT! says:

    also Sanders practices jeet kune do which is basically a waste of fuckin time and energy.

    Perhaps he will break some boards before he enters the ring?

  • ironic sumo says:

    “He also popularized a new way of fucking people up from the guard: dubiously legal downward elbows to the cranium”

    isn’t this also one of kenny florian’s signature moves…
    how would we go about finding out if moves like this sre legal or not???

  • Xavier says:

    “isn’t this also one of kenny florian’s signature moves…”

    More like “one well placed short elbow from a clinch.” First time I can remember seeing Florian do the J-Rock Sizzle from his back was the fight against Lauzon.

    Popularizing that crazy hulk-up elbow move from the bottom will be the only thing Rollins accomplishes in MMA.

  • FRANKIE says:

    There’s nothing dubious about those elbows. That rule has been explained to death at this point.

  • kentyman says:

    You forgot to mention that J-Roc has a hilarious Matt Serra impression.

    @ironic sumo: Big John explained extensively why they are completely legal here.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    should be a boring fight. Saunders has good sub defense, so he’ll get taken down and controlled for 3 boring rounds.

  • When Florian threw em he got cautioned for back of the head. So dubious indeed!

  • kentyman says:

    That’s only ’cause Florian hit the back of the head. :)

  • Saunders is going to KILL J-Roc

    He is HUGE for 170, his length will cause problems for the smaller Rollins. Saunders will high kick the shit out of J-Roc, and then sub him on the ground….watch

    Saunders would have beat Speer’s if healthy and could have been at least some competition for Danzig in the finals. ,

  • asdfsdf says:

    Yes, Saunders will KILL J Roc big time.
    JRoc is a wrestler, so is Dan, and he got nothing for Ben. On the feet ben is much better than JRoc. Ben by decision.