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Ben Saunders accuses Virginia’s commission of high dickery

The Virginia State Athletic Commission hasn’t been making many friends lately. First off, Luke Thomas has been apoplectic with disapprobation since they completely blew the judging on a recent UWC title fight between Chase Beebe and Mike Easton. Since then, the commission has not only refused to admit their mistake and overturn the decision, but they’ve also allowed a bunch of other sketchy shit to go down: they allowed a fighter to wear Aoki pants into a fight, rang the bell early and stopped a fight that still had 47 seconds left to go, and fucked up the scoring at an event last weekend so badly that they first gave the win to the wrong guy, then changed the result to a draw before finally awarding the right guy the decision.

But that wasn’t the only fishy shit going on at that event. UFC fighter Ben Saunders was there cornering the guy that initially ‘won’ the botched decision fight, and he told a tale of a commission that initially tried to cancel the event due to weather conditions, didn’t bother to check anyone’s identity to verify everyone was properly licensed and the fighters were actually who they said they were, and didn’t have anyone in the locker rooms to verify handwraps were legal and no monkey business was going down.

This is a problem that MMA will always have to deal with: even good commissions regularly suck cock, so the bad ones … well, they have the capacity to gobble massive loads of dinosaur sized dong. You’d hope that things would get better but because these are government bodies, suckage is par for the course and nothing will ever be done about it. Which makes everything pretty unsafe and unfair for everyone who has to fight in Virginia.