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Ben Rothwell on fighting cans

Ben Rothwell is back in action this weekend at Monte Cox’s Adrenaline show. Between him and Pat Miletich, there’s a decent amount of mid-west fame on the card … too bad they’re both fighting total cans. Miletich is taking on Thomas Denny, who’s always exciting but can never win against those big names. Rothwell is set to face Chris Guillen, who is a pretty terrible 13-11. He’s also on a 4 fight losing streak.

I’ll give Pat Miletich a pass since he’s old and Denny is a decent test to see if he’s washed up or not. But the Ben Rothwell booking is just straight up lame. Here’s his thoughts on it:

“I’d love to fight tough guys again but it’s hard,” Rothwell said. “It’s hard to get fights and I’m fighting tomorrow night just to stay active. I’ve got to fight so I can fight and show everybody what I can do.”

That doesn’t mean Rothwell’s overlooking Guillen.

“It’s actually more of a threat because you don’t want to make mistakes against a guy like that,” said Rothwell. “The big joke in the IFL was whoever had to fight Wojtek Kaszowski, who was 0-7. The guy was 0-7, but who wants to lose to that guy? It’s the same thing here. I’m putting myself out there but I have to do it.”

Ben Rothwell seems to be trapped in the same situation as Tim Sylvia: he got paid retardo money by Affliction and now he’s priced out of the range of any sane promotion. Isn’t it great though that his manager is also the promoter of this show so that he can get a great deal on Rothwell? Yep, no conflict of interest there.