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A belt but no contract

2010 is almost half over and thus far Strikeforce has held all of three women’s MMA matches. If it is the home of Women’s MMA, then Women’s MMA is away from home more often than a flight attendant pulling triple overtime. There’s a couple of signs that the product isn’t high on Showtime’s lists of priorities – the scuttled 145 tournament and the 135 pound tournament that has been put on the ‘someday maybe’ list come to mind. So does Erin Toughill’s pissed off rant about getting dicked around on bookings for several events. And this post about their 135 pound champ Sarah Kaufman having no contract isn’t a great sign either:

“I’m not sure if they haven’t realized, even though we kind of mentioned [before the Hashi fight], ‘Hey, this is my last fight,’ or they have so much going on that they kind of forgot about it. I don’t really know,” Kaufman said. “As I say, I don’t want to walk away from Strikeforce by any means. I think they have done a good job of getting the females out there, it just needs to be a little more often for me. I’m just getting a crazy a little bit. I understand when you get higher up and to the top, you do have to wait for other people to make their way up to challenge you, but I don’t think that needs to take a year. Hopefully they get on board and kind of realize, ‘Hey, we made a mistake and you finished without a contract, and we need to get that sorted out quick.'”

I haven’t been able to figure out yet if all this adds up to Strikeforce and Showtime not giving a shit about Women’s MMA or if this is just a manifestation of their standard inability to handle their roster of fighters effectively. I’d say it’s probably a little from column A and a little from column B.