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Bellator tournament ends in nut trauma

It’s hard to beat twitter as the go to place for 24/7 TMI. This week’s example comes care of Bellator’s Eric Prindle, who’s heavyweight tournament final against Thiago Santos ended 84 seconds into the fight when Santos kicked Prindle square in the junk while Prindle was on his back. The fight was declared a no contest and we now have further evidence that no matter how irresponsible you are when throwing bombs at your opponent’s junk, a no-contest is the worst that will happen to you.

Speaking of evidence, Prindle decided after the event that the best way to show people how serious of a ball injury he had was to tweet a picture out to the world. And since we already broke our ‘no scrotes’ policy with Dennis Hallman, of course we have it for you after the jump. Just be aware, it is indeed a testicle. So now I ask you: if it means less pictures of swollen balls, maybe we should force fighters to wear ” target=”_blank”>those compression short / cup combos that actually work?

Via his tweeter:

the doc said theirs no torsion but I have to back to the doc. See if the swelling will go down …my right boy is dubble size