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Bellator talks about it’s viral video success

MMAWeekly goes over the success Bellator has found mainly by taking the best moments from their events and putting them online for all to see:

“They’re not doing an enormous amount of reading and they’re not doing an enormous amount of television watching, but man, are they online,” said Rebney about the MMA faithful. “So we knew that was a really key part of our marketing strategy.

“From the moment we had our first events, and the moment we had our first big highlights, we sat in the truck all night, editing those, putting our brand on them, and getting them out there. And not getting them out there for pay; just feeding the content out there week in and week out, so people could go, ‘whoa, that’s really cool, I’ve never seen Bellator before, I should tune in and watch that show or buy a ticket to that event.’ It was a strategy that we had long before the season occurred.

“And if somebody from above was smiling on us, Toby pulled off the submission of the year; the next week, Yahir pulls off what I believe is the knockout of the year; then it just keeps going. It just kept snowballing.”

The UFC must understand the value of letting fans see fights for free – they pump several hours worth of it onto Spike every week. Which is why I’m so surprised that past the very rare occasion where they stick a prelim fight on, you’ll never see a full fight from them on the internet. Well, not legally anyways.

Personally, I think this is ass backwards. There shouldn’t be an event the UFC holds that doesn’t yield a fight or highlight that goes prominantly on their UFC youtube page. It’s fucking retarded that typing ‘UFC’ will yield you over 85,000 results … none of them UFC fights.