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Bellator is gonna TUF it up

We’re four months into 2012 and already big tings be plannin for 2013 (provided we survive the Mayan apocalypse, of course). The UFC’s remnant library deal with Spike ends, freeing the network up to finally move their new MMA girlfriend Bellator over onto the network. And of course no MMA promotion with dreams of grandeur can hit this point without trying to create their own TUF:

Bertran van Munster, who has won eight Emmy Awards and co-created The Amazing Race, will produce the hour-long show for Spike TV.

“We are thrilled to partner with an industry legend such as van Munster, whose creativity and ingenuity will expose Bellator to an expanded new audience next year on Spike,” Rebney said.

Van Munster had strong words for the fighters in Bellator, saying, “Some of the most physically-gifted and fascinating athletes in the world fight in Bellator, and I believe they make ideal subjects for an innovative new non-scripted series.”

It will be interesting to see if Mr van Munster will try to revolutionize the MMA reality format or if the show will be yet another tired retread of the Ultimate Fighter’s tournament / frat house setup. Considering the only other reality show we’ve seen from this guy is the quickly cancelled ” target=”_blank”>Take the Money & Run (“everyday people against real life law enforcement”), we could end up with something completely different and insane. 

I imagine a training center on the Jersey shore where fighters train hard and hit da club hard. Half men, half women, all meathead. Bjorn Rebney occassionally shows up and screams “SO YOU WANNA BE A F*CKING BELLATOR CHAMPION?”, resulting in downcast gazes and that awkward moment where you realize no, no they do not.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    There’s not much to say about this since it’s all just “Yeah we’re working on something” but I for the record, I think this is only interesting in the least if they follow all the contestants around from beginning to end of the tourney.  Training, home life, etc.

    Even though I’m not a fan, I think the One Big House thing might work in a very demented sense, but I doubt they’d go for it for such a long period of time.

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