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Bellator booked a murderer for this weekend’s event

Bellator is notorious for its impressive scouting of Eastern Europe and Russia. But lately they’ve been getting a rep for pulling fighters from another region: the criminal underbelly of MMA. Past unsavory bookings have included Brett Rogers and Jon Koppenhaver, but the booking of Dan McGuane for this weekend’s Bellator 81 undercard is up there with the scuzziest of scuzzy bookings – it’s Mike Kyle times 10 – because McGuane and his twin brother straight up beat a kid to death:

A staredown in the street, a few words and 30 seconds later a popular teenager was dying. Twin brothers with a reputation for aggressiveness as well as personal generosity, members of a well-known local family, are accused of kicking and beating him to death.

“It has people upset and confused,” said Ed Kiser, 48, a construction worker and lifelong resident who knows the twins’ father.

Kelly Proctor, 19, died late on July 2 after being attacked while he was walking home from a holiday weekend fireworks display with his girlfriend. An autopsy found the cause of death was blunt trauma to the head.

Police say 21-year-old twin brothers Peter and Dan McGuane beat Proctor, knocked him to the ground, then kicked him relentlessly until he crawled under an SUV to try to protect himself.

They were charged with manslaughter, but the charges were upgraded to murder after the autopsy report showed an injury to Proctor’s forehead “consistent with a shod foot,” according to court documents. The autopsy found sneaker imprints on his head and torso.

Some justice-minded individuals set up a website called to protest Dan’s involvement in this weekend’s Bellator and lo and behold Bellator actually listened and pulled the guy from the card. So bravo to Bellator for doing the right thing, but jeez … why not cut out all the drama and just, I dunno, not book murderers on your card in the first place?