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Behind the Gif

One of the coolest things about the MMA scene is that there’s so many passionate fans doing cool and creative things related to the sport. Romoshops, MS Paint tributes, video remixes, and of course animated gifs. I’ve been slowly fucking around trying to learn how to make some of my own, but it is a slow, time consuming job and I am an impatient ADHD type of guy. Still, this video from giffer ArkhamAsylum breaking down how he did his recent Fedor Decapitation gif has me wanting to give it another shot:

I originally made this as a .gif for the Sherdog forums. A lot of people asked how it was done, so I’m providing a brief breakdown of the methods. I used After Effects, but the techniques can be applied using the compositing software of your choice.

I highly recommend Create Cow and Video Co-Pilot if you’re starting out.

Some other classic gifs from the archive:
Lesnar vs Mir Family Guy style
Anderson Silva Pootie Tang
Rashad gets Goodfella’d by Machida
The Tito Dance – Nickelodeon edition