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Because you asked for it: Sylvia vs Arlovski IV

Someone needs to get Andrei a part in the next Blade movie.

Some rematches are merely poorly timed (see whoever emerges from the “Impress Dana LHW Tournament” tomorrow night), while others are as unwanted as a female baby in China.  I’ll let you decide which one this is.

That which ProElite wisely decided to abort last year, One FC is quite willing to shit forth into the world.  MMA Weekly’s super secret sources say that Andrei Arlovski will face Tim Sylvia for the fourth time at One FC 5 on August 31st.  Arlovski was set to face Soa Palelei, but “The Hulk” refused to sign a 5-fight contract (always a smart move in my opinion), and so Andrei finally gets the third rematch with “Pee-Pee Taste” that only he has long desired.

Both guys have managed to put together a few wins in a row against nobodies, but this is surely the stiffest competition that either has faced since leaving the Zuffa fold.  Andrei hasn’t fought since head-kick KO’ing Travis “I’ll Fight Anyone” Fulton at literally the last second back in November.  Timmy was crushing cans as recently as June, but rematching your nemesis on a month’s notice is a pretty tall order, even if you’ve already beaten him twice.  For his sake, I hope Sylvia was already training hard for that fight with Daniel Cormier that he thought he was getting.  And in case you’re wondering why Tim thought he was close to a Strikeforce deal, it’s because he was… until Dana killed it.  Sounds like ol’ Timmy isn’t welcome even on Zuffa’s Island of Misfit Toys.

  • frickshun says:

    They have both looked awful in every fight since before leaving the UFC. Does anybody actually think they’re just flip a switch & look great again? Fucking dolts. I hope the show bombs & they sell like 14 tickets.

  • glassjawsh says:

    “but this is surely the stiffest competition that either has faced since leaving the Zuffa fold”

    other than that time THEY FOUGHT FUCKING FEDOR! ahem, when he was still ranked #1

    just saying

  • YoungDonDraper says:

    This is the minor leagues, it’s an irrelevant fight but it has some backstory and we’ll probably get to see Tim Sylvia get knocked out – why wouldn’t you watch this thing (online)? Really, it’s a fight that has us talking about ONE FC, that alone means they’ve done a good job.

    frickshun – Arlovski actually looked great against Fedor until his glassjaw got touched.