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Because who would watch an all women season of TUF anyways

The reason so many people enjoy checking out Dana White interviews is because they’re often like an Oprah episode where everyone gets a new car. And by new car I mean promises of superfights and exciting news. But sometimes the announcements aren’t exactly what you’d hope for … like this quote that implies the Dana isn’t interested in an all female version of TUF:

Reporter: You ever rule out an all female edition of The Ultimate Fighter?

Dana: I wouldn’t rule that out.

Reporter: Has that been discussed at all?

Dana: Female coaches.

Reporter: Even female fighters as well?

Dana: Female coaches.

Reporter: So female coaches training male fighters?

Dana: Yeah.

Eugh, what a boring ass idea. If you ever needed a sign that the UFC women’s division is more of a Ronda Rousey division, there’s your proof. Doing an all women season seems like the most obvious idea in the world, so it isn’t like they didn’t think about it. They thought about it and decided to just do women coaches. Oh well. Maybe after Ronda pulls the highest ratings for TUF since Kimbo Slice, they’ll give us an all chick season.