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Beating Hughes in under 20 seconds is the easiest way to do it

The MMA Fiend has an interesting interview with Dennis Hallman, who is 2-0 against Matt Hughes. When asked how Matt Serra should approach Hughes, he had this to say:

Now obviously you have a history with Matt Hughes who is set to fight Matt Serra, how do you think that fight is going to go?

Um, I take Serra by submission. Or knockout. Serra starts hard, and Matt Hughes’ weakness is that you can cold-catch him. He’s like a freight train. If you let him get rolling then he keeps rolling and he’s hard to stop. But if you can take it to him you can catch him. And Serra’s a smart guy, he knows that by watching him. So he’s probably going to take it to Matt right off the bat, and it should be a first rounder for Serra.

Cold-catching worked pretty well for Hallman, who choked out Hughes the first time in 17 seconds and used an armbar the second time to beat him in 20 seconds. Unfortunately for Serra, 4 of his 6 UFC wins have come via decision. Then again, he did manage to scrub Georges pretty quick…

There’s also a pretty good Rhianna / Chris Brown joke tucked in there, but I couldn’t give less of a crap about some dumb woman beater and the dumb woman who stays with him.