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Be thankful your house didn’t burn down

In addition to the Gypsy Lady curse, MMA now also suffers from a Thanksgiving curse. Last year, Urijah Faber’s sister was in a horrific car accident over Thanksgiving weekend. This year, Dennis Hallman’s house burnt down:

“Sad Thanksgiving for me and my family,” he wrote. “My house burned down early this AM. Thank God no one was hurt and I have that to be thankful for. Something like this makes my recent direction change all the harder … the one person that could make me feel okay about everything is no longer here. When God wants you to have a fresh start sometimes he really wants to make his point clear.”

When contacted by Friday afternoon, Hallman said he still wasn’t sure how the fire started.

“They think it was an electrical (fire),” he said. “I lost everything. Extra sad, but the good thing is nobody was hurt.

“I’m waiting for the insurance company to find me a house to stay in while my house gets rebuilt. Until then, I am at my parents.”

That fresh start from God has also included the end of his marriage, a custody battle, and the loss of his UFC job. Maybe Dennis should consider a new less dickish deity to worship.