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Battle of the Silvas ends over tasty eats

Fighters Only Magazine is reporting that the Anderson / Wanderlei feud is off:

A source close to the fighters told Tatame the two went for a meal together after the UFC 102 post-event press conference. The sit-down was instigated by Rafael Alejarra, who is Wanderlei’s strength and physical conditioning coach. He asked the pair to bring the feud – which has seen them sniping at each other through the MMA media – to an end. Over the course of an amicable meal, the two agreed to set their differences aside and left the restaurant as friends.

It turns out (to my dumb ass, at least) that the feud started not because Anderson left Chute Box, but because he thought Wanderlei was telling PRIDE not to give him fights. It then quieted down until Wanderlei announced his intentions to move to middleweight, at which point Anderson felt a disturbance in the Force and we got our war of words, which got so nasty that he called Wanderlei’s plan – get THIS shit – ‘pretentious’.

I’m not surprised that the peace came from someone on Wandy’s side. Ed Soares has been going out of his way to put Anderson on a pedestal, one covered in money and blood and the skulls of those he’s beaten (yes, including Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt – ‘we already killed them, why do it again, lalala I can’t hear you’ seems to be the general attitude in the Silva camp). I think Rafael may have realized that his fighter is, oh, 0-0 at 185 lbs, so perhaps it was best for him to focus on a debut fight at the weight class instead of on the current Jedi champ.