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Battle of the gatekeepers

Marcus Davis is back in the UK (again), fresh off shoulder surgery and that plastic surgery all fighters seem to be getting nowadays. No, not boob jobs (wouldn’t that be awesome, though?), but the cut reduction surgery popularized by Nick Diaz. Davis claims the shoulder surgery will keep him from being held down in vaginal fashion like Mike Swick did to him in his last fight, and the cut surgery should keep him from bleeding like a stuck pig every time he gets grazed.

While he claims he’s not looking past Paul Kelly this weekend, there was another bleeder on Davis’ mind as well:

He also intimated that if both he and Chris Lytle are successful at UFC 89 that he would love the chance to fight another former boxing pro.

“We’ve both been like, ‘I respect you, respect what you do, but a fight between each other is money in the bank,'” Davis commented on a fight with Lytle. “I basically said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it and the first guy to take the other guy down is a pussy.’

“Let’s just stand up and kick the living (expletive) out of each other.”

It’d be an interesting fight for sure … you can usually tell who’s gonna get past the gatekeepers, but what would happen when these two gatekeepers face eachother? My bet is Davis, since Lytle is stupid enough to agree to banging it out with him.