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Holy shit. If I ever needed proof that there was a god, I have it now. Through his divine power, we now have a face off between the two creepiest looking dudes in the UFC today: Luke Cummo and Edilberto Crocota. Those of you who have been with us since day one might remember Luke Cummo as the winner of the first annual “UFC Fighter who looks the most like a child molestor” contest. He was looking really good for a repeat until Crocota came out of nowhere and chilled my heart during the prelims of UFC70.

So now we will finally find out what makes you tougher: drinking your own urine or murdering prostitutes in Rio de la Hacha.

  • Jesus Melendez says:

    So how do you know drinking your own urine makes you tougher? You’ve drank your own urine? But your still this little dipshit that doesnt compete in MMA hiding behind your “website”… Dont fucking make fun onf Edilberto Crocota, he a good friend of mine.. He’d fucking rape you and your momma, so fuck off!

  • Marcus Anton says:

    Hey Fuckface.. Mr. Faggit Melendez you can just shove you own cock up your own ass cause your an idoit.. I’ve seen Ediberto fight, and he fucking looks like a fucking girl, so go fuck yourself…

    To the author of this blog good job on the investigating..

  • Nazatxt says:

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