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Battle of the irrelevant sluggers

Two of Dana White’s favorite pet fighters, James Irvin and Alessio Sakara, will face off on the UFC’s Versus show in March. Both guys are pretty awful but just keep getting fights. Irvin technically is 2-2 over his last four fights but one of those wins was a DQ win because Luiz Cane kneed him in the face on the ground while in the process of mauling him. You also may recall his last fight against Anderson Silva where he was insta-tooled in embarassing fashion (which seems less unusual after the Forrest Griffin fight) and then tested positive for oxymorphin and freakin’ methadone.

While Alessio Sakara is less entertaining to make fun of, his record is still more checkered than Crocop’s tights and he’s never shown much in the way of proving he belongs in the UFC. His last fight was an atrocious decision win over Thales Leites that he didn’t really deserve to win, and I’d actually thought he’d gotten the boot along with Thales for it.

Still, in a funny way, I like this fight. This isn’t so much a battle for relevancy as it is a battle for jobs. Both guys still have theirs because of their reputations as gunslingers and their fights usually last about as long as a western showdown – unless of course they unload and miss every shot which is always possible. But if both guys come out and do ‘what they’re expected to do’, this should be a great fight. But if one or both of them tries to play it strategic a la Houston when he fought Kimbo, it could be quite horrible.