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Baszler vs Kobald 2 in July

(Kobald / Baszler after the first fight. Guess who won.)

I squeed with glee when I heard that Shayna Bazler would be repping women’s MMA at the next EliteXC/CBS show. Shayna is Josh Barnett’s disciple and in my opinion the #2 female fighter out there – I’d put her in 1st place because all her wins are first round submissions (!!!), but she did get knocked out by Tara LaRosa so that kinda keeps her from being number one. Regardless, I think Baszler is gonna do big things in EliteXC and I’m looking forward to seeing her establish herself there.

Right now the frontrunner to fight her is Kelly Kobald, who was the first person to ever beat Shayna. Kelly is an interesting choice from EliteXC since they normally try to find the prettiest girls to promote and Kobald looks like someone smashed Hayden Panettiere in the face with a shovel 10 times. I’m not complaining … this is fighting, not a fucking runway. So this is actually a nice change in policy.

As for Kobald’s abilities, she’s got bigger arms than me and can knock people the fuck out, which should make the fight interesting since Shayna tends to leave herself open for shots to the face while working her voodoo submission skills. She’s also only gone to decision 3 times in nearly 20 fights, so between her and Baszler you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an exciting fight with a definite finish.

  • She’s got bigger arms then you? Pretty damn sad.

    I’m glad that EXC is bringing more female fighters besides Gina’s fat ass.

  • machinegunfunk says:

    i second that

  • jdydog says:

    Kobald is a total babe (depending on the camera angle). Sure, she’s a little masculine, but she’s got the face of a Eastern European cupie doll. If you’re gonna second guess a fighter’s sex-appeal, it should be Bazler. It’s perverse if Shayna’s barely pubescent features make her marketable to male sports fans (over a full-grown woman). Gender politics aside, I think it would be a great match up.

  • that would be incorrect, Mr. Lady Arms

  • JoshMan says:

    It looks like she kept her chin tucked at least.

  • FRANKIE says:

    EXC better make this shit official. This is a great fight, much better than any FMMA fights they’ve put on yet.

  • G_hoppa says:

    As much as i love MMA, there is something about women fighting that makes me turn my head the other way. I seriously can’t watch them, i think it makes me view women more llike men, and i find it so unattractive i sometimes nearly throw up.

    If they want to do it, more power to them, but you will never find me watching. Call me a shovanistic pig, but i like to see my women stay in the kitchen.

  • Threatis says:

    gotta be honest, there’s a part of me that finds Kobold pretty attractive.

  • Threatis says:

    also: G_hoppa seems to have posted his comment from the 1950’s! good on you for figuring out how to post outdated world views through the decades!

  • Lifer says:

    something about watching women fighting makes me remember when i first started becoming attracted to men and the subsequent burial of those desires. now when i see women’s mma i bang my head on things and cry.

  • G_hoppa says:

    LOL threatis! Hey it’s just the way i feel, gotta be honest. (i was joking about the kitchen part tho!) Fighting is known as masculine for a reason, not feminine. I’m not about to say “ban it” for good of women everythere, that is some 1950’s stuff haha, i just find it really unappealing.