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Baszler vs Cyborg

So it looks like EliteXC has passed on putting together a Baszler / Kobald rematch in favor of Baszler fighting rough and tumble striker Cris Cyborg Santos, the wife of rough and tumble striker Evangelista Cyborg Santos. Cris has a short and brutal 4-0 history with MMA, but that doesn’t really show her experience in muay thai fights or jiu jitsu. Plus she’s absolutely HUGE.

All in all this is going to be a very interesting fight … will Baszler be able to get this to the ground and sub Santos out? Or will Santos be too big and strong? As a big fan of women’s MMA, this fight gets me pretty excited for the EliteXC show. If ya wanna see Cyborg in action, check out her MMA debut against Vanessa Porto. It’s fucking off the hook.