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Bas Rutten will still fuck you up in a bar

I was wondering if Bas Rutten had a lot of spare time now that Kimbo Slice is out of his life. But between Inside MMA, a new infomercial, music videos (hopefully better than this one) and work with Kevin James, El Guapo seems as busy as ever. Check out this interview with DreamFighters where he breaks down what’s up and gives you an update on how he handles trouble at a bar: Bas our readers have a question for you. You are in the bar, talking to some ladies, and someone decides to start some trouble with “El Guapo”. What do you do?

Bas Rutten: Take him out in ways that depend on his aggressiveness. If they hit one of the ladies, they will end up in the hospital 100%, if they are just drunk, I choke them out and let the bouncers take him outside, no need to refurnish a drunk man’s face, he’s drunk for crying out loud, doesn’t know what he’s doing. If they hit me, well, it has to be a sucker punch because once we square of I don’t get hit that often on the street, but with a sucker punch, I probably take him out with low kicks. On the street people don’t know how to fight so you can experiment, low kicks are great because you probably have to give only one (step in deep so you connect with the shinbone, they won’t flex their muscles so it will go through them like a knife through butter) and he will drop. The good thing about them is that the guy will remember you every time he sits down, because it will hurt bad for at least 5 days.

Better advice than when he was younger and recommending you grab glasses, ashtrays, bottles, or whatever other lethal items are laying at hand to seriously fuck up your opponents. I’m pretty sure most of the people who followed that advice are in prison now. But with age comes a mellowing. Perhaps in 20 years Bas will only break half the bones in your body if you fuck with him.