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Bas Rutten talks about Grand Theft Auto

Blogging about MMA news and opinion is often a bit like cooking with expired meat … I have to add a lot of spice to that shit in order to make it palatable enough for consumption. But in the case of this Bas Rutten interview, I don’t gots to do ANYTHING. It’s fucking wicked all on it’s own: Nice! What’s new with you?

Rutten: As you probably saw, Grand Theft Auto 4 finally came out. And I’m really stoked because I had to shut my mouth for one and a half years or longer. I did that a long time ago. Oh wow, okay. I thought it was just recently.

Rutten: No, and I did all the, but people don’t know yet, is that I did all the fighting also in it. So every fighting that you see that’s done by me. I did it together with Amir Perets. I brought Amir Perets. (laughing) That poor guy.

Rutten: Five days, eight hours a day we were in those crazy suits. (laughing) Nice, (Bas laughs) he was probably beat to shit by the time you finished with him.

Rutten: Oh man, it was beautiful. It was so much fun. Were the people at GTA freaking out?

Rutten: Oh, let me tell you (Bas laughs). I ask them “how violent do you want it?” They say, “give it all you got”. I say, “cool!”. So they go up you know and I started, and they load it into the computers and two hours they came back down and they say “okay, you can stop now”. (both of us start laughing)

Past that they talk some more about the game, about Kimbo (unfortunately this is before the whole ESPN debacle), and about his place on the list of greatest fighters of all time. As usual with Bas it’s very entertaining stuff, so you should go read it.