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Bas Rutten is a quitter

 (Bas dressed as a gay Christmas elf. Or suited up for GTA4 motion capture … I’m not really sure which.)

Bas Bas Bas! He’s getting more press around here than Kalib Starnes did last week, and it’s all because of that trio of interviews from MMAYou. I dunno if it was the interviewer or just because Bas is always a great interview, but there’s just so many things he talked about in these puppies that are worth reading. In part 3 of the interviews he talks more about the GTA4 experience and about quitting drinking: Nice, well it looks like everything is going really smooth with you.

Rutten: Yeah, I am so happy. It’s like I said, everyday I’m just, I’m really blessed. I’m really blessed right now. Good man, well you deserve it.

Rutten: And you know it all happened when I stopped the drinking. I agree with it totally. I heard you say that in another interview and I said “that’s gotta be it.” As soon as you said that I said “everything’s probably cleared up for him” and “now he’s going to do all this great stuff”.

Rutten: I stopped about ten months ago, got really busy and thought that since I am going to be more on TV now, I might as well be a good example for kids and other people, so I gave it up. Gotta tell you, didn’t miss it one day. I am way too much in control now. I do so many things, its like I can move mountains. Who knew right? Hahahaha.

You know we here at Fightlinker have a soft spot for people who quit drinking … we haven’t hit the levels of alcohol abuse Bas and Evan did but I like knowing that when we inevitably do hit that point we’ll be able to escape like these two did. For the meantime, anyways.

  • Airipsus says:

    Have you guys ever done a show sober?If it was anything like the Diaz tribute keep drinking please.