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Bas Rutten in GTA4 *fixed*

Last night I spent the majority of the evening fiddling with the website and getting it prepped so I could work on version 4.5 (also known as “Fightlinker sans frames”) without having to worry about accidentally fucking up the live version. Jake on the other hand spent the night playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and so did a bunch of other jackals. They’re actually working to set up some multiplayer game action, so if you’re interested in that go here for more info.

But what does this have to do with mixed martial arts, you ask? Well, our favorite dutchman Bas Rutten is featured in the game. Once again it’s for his famous over the top bar brawl persona, but the guys at Rockstar did a good job of making an old shtick fresh and funny. The above video is the best there is on the net right now, but I’m sure a better copy will show up in another day. But it’s fucking funny, so watch it now. The shaky cameraman calms down after about 20 seconds so it’s actually decent.