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Bas and Kimbo are so totally done

My biggest criticism of Kimbo Slice (I levy much of my anger over his positioning on the scumbags at EliteXC) was that after he got KO’d by Seth Petruzelli, he wasn’t back in the gym the next day, the next week, or the next month. Once a wheel came off the gravy train express there wasn’t even an attempt to get it back on the tracks. It was just a big “Fuck this shit!”

Now it sounds like Kimbo was souring on MMA before the KO loss, or at least that’s what it sounds like in this interview Midsy did with Bas Rutten:

I know you’ve worked closely with Kimbo Slice. When do you think we’ll see Kimbo fight again, and will you be in his corner again when he does?
I stopped training Kimbo. I had him six weeks before the last fight (a loss to Seth Petruzelli on October 4), I talked to him about certain things that I didn’t like, and he promised never to do it again, and then he started doing it again. If people come to me and ask me to train them, I want them to do what I tell them to do, because that’s what they came for. … Once you start doing different things, you’re out. It’s not because he got knocked out. This was already in progress long before the fight.

So you basically don’t think Kimbo was preparing the right way?
I would rather just leave it like this: Let’s say that the Kimbo who came to me at the beginning of training, that wasn’t the Kimbo who was at my gym the last time. Six weeks before his last fight, I told him, I want that Kimbo back. Otherwise, you’re out. And you know, he started doing differently again. Let’s just leave it like that. I don’t want to go into all the details. I wish him nothing but the best. Really, I really do.

If Kimbo wasn’t a rich motherfucker from everything that happened over the past two years, I’d almost feel bad for him. Realistically, he should have been brought up slowly and fed regional heavyweight cans. Even putting him up against guys like Tank Abbott and James Thompson were sticking him in over his head. Still, when the promotion you’re fighting for is hailing you as a heavyweight Messiah, people aren’t gonna accept the idea that you’ll be fighting dudes with under 5 fights until *gasp* you have more than 5 fights yourself!

It should be interesting to see if Strikeforce has any idea of how to stuff Kimbo in their lineup without it turning into a complete farce, or if Kimbo will even come back. Bas Rutten straight out said he’s done training Slice because the New Slice sucks compared to the old one. That’s not a promising fact. But everyone needs their bread, and my bet is sooner or later Kimbo will come back for another loaf. How that turns out should be interesting to see indeed.