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Baroni vs. Sadollah likely for UFC 106

( “>”How you doin’?”)

“The Ultimate Fighter 7” winner Amir Sadollah has verbally agreed to be the opponent for the returning NYBA Phil Baroni, says Ariel Helwani. The November fight is going to be used as a rebound for both men; Baroni after dropping a lopsided decision to Joe Riggs in June and Amir following his ridiculous “loss” to Jonny Hendricks at UFC 101 earlier last month. There’s a bit of an experience disparity with Phil having a whopping twenty-two more fights than Amir, but they’re both skilled enough to test one another’s mettle. Can Sadollah actually handle someone’s fists all over his face? Can Baroni win a fight in the UFC after 2002? Which one is gonna stop being such a “>looooooser and get back in the win column? We’ll have to wait until November to find out, but we can still speculate right now.

The big question about Amir after the Hendricks lost revolves around his durability. His ability to take a punch wasn’t a real concern after we saw him do his Nogueira impression on TUF and score wins in “>some kickboxing smokers, yet it seems like there’s cause for worry after a weaksauce flurry made him go down. It’s obvious that Mirglioogglie made a terrible call, but Sadollah was dropped to his knees after feeling the power around his eyes/nose/cheek/chin areas. Did the fourteen month layoff and repeated injuries have something to do with the loss? Probably, since nobody keeps from getting some rust after both of those take a toll. The guy has a chance to redeem his performance with a win over Baroni, but it’s gonna be a tough road to hoe because fighting the butt of many-a-jokes doesn’t guarantee a victory.

You see, a lot of the reasons MMA fans tease Phil Baroni are just common misconceptions. He’s been submitted just one time since leaving the UFC five years ago and he’s been legitimately TKOed only once in his career. The amount of staying power a guy like Baroni has when it comes to surviving is unreal. If he had as much cardio as he does testicular fortitude, he’d probably make Diego Sanchez look like….well….Phil Baroni, in comparison:

“I think he is a good fighter. Maybe a little bit green, but he is well-rounded. He showed toughness and that he has guts…He has heart. He has good Muay Thai and pulled off submissions in fights. I just believe I’m bringing more dog to this dog fight.”

The Bottom Line: Phil Baroni can put hands on Amir Sadollah’s chin and Amir can out-skill Phil. Who will get their chance to impose their will first is a coin toss.