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Barnett vs Mighty Mo next weekend

Josh Barnett is looking like he’s going to step into the ring with Mighty Mo (not to be confused with King Mo) at DREAM 13 on March 22nd. A lot of people aren’t impressed with the opposition, but to be fair DREAM did try and set up Barnett vs Bigfoot Silva and Barnett vs Tim Sylvia but those two were too smart to accept the fight. After that there were rumors that they were going to go the canny UK heavyweight route and after that my lowered expectations have allowed me to say “Okay, Mighty Mo isn’t THAT terrible.”

Sure, Mo is a kickboxer who’s dabbling success in MMA has everything to do with weak opponents and avoiding the ground like a plague. Plus he’s kinda gone off the rails in K-1 recently with a 1-6 record in his last 7 fights. But unlike the other kind of scrubs DREAM was likely to dig up, at least Mo has the tools to stand a puncher’s chance (for the 7 seconds he manages to stay on his feet). Is it sad that this is enough? Well, it is Japan after all. Midsy said that Barnett fighting Mo shows how far Barnett has fallen, but I’d say it says more about DREAM than it does about Barnett. Good heavyweights are rare in Japan nowadays, and that’s before you add in Josh’s fight leper status.