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Barnett says chill, everything’s fine, don’t worry

Oh, kneejerk reporting. What trouble you cause! Yesterday Bloody Elbow reported that Josh Barnett had three days to complete his fighter lisence application for the Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum event happening on June 18th. This obviously caused some concern since Josh doesn’t exactly have the best history when it comes to commission related issues.

But it turns out the story is a non-story: Barnett is just one of 9 fighters on the card still processing their applications and there are no concerns from Strikeforce that any will prove troublesome. An annoyed Josh took to the tweeters to voice his annoyance with the situation:

“I would just like to give a warm and hearty “Fuck You” to BloodyElbow and anyone else for irresponsible “gotcha” journalism,” he wrote. “But now I am being bombarded [with] unnecessary questions and friends and fans are getting stressed for nothing.”

He elaborated a little bit more in an interview with Sherdog Radio:

“I’ll say this: I’ve filled out all my paperwork. I’ve filled out everything, actually, and everything is going just fine with the athletic commission,” Barnett said. “Any additional steps they’ve wanted me to do have all been done and [done] within their timeline.

“One thing about Texas is that you can file paperwork, but you can’t get licensed until your medicals are done,” explained Barnett. “Blood work has to be [processed] within 30 days of your event, so there is no point in turning in paperwork a month in advance if you don’t have the [blood work].” contacted Barnett for further comment Wednesday afternoon, and the former UFC heavyweight champion confirmed that he submitted his blood work approximately two weeks ago.

“I did everything within [the required] timespan,” said Barnett. “In fact, I got my [blood work] order set up before the 30 days came up so that I could just walk in to the laboratory and get my blood work done, and walk out. The UFC isn’t stressing, and neither is Texas, and neither is my team. It’s a complete non-story.”

As for the concern Texas might have an issue with Josh’s unresolved licensing issues in California:

Stanford said Barnett’s history in California is not a factor in his application for licensure in Texas because the fighter is not currently under administrative suspension on a registry of fighters maintained by the Association of Boxing Commissions. However, Barnett has been required to provide the TDLR with a clean drug test as a condition of his licensure, and Strikeforce is conducting independent drug testing at the event.

So barring a sudden case of Texas caring about Josh’s unfinished business in California, everything sounds set for June 18th. Which is nice to hear … I like Josh Barnett when he’s not popping positive for steroids or embroiled in commission controversy … which is why I haven’t been able to like him for the past two years.

  • scissors61 says:

    irresponsible “gotcha” journalism

    Somebody’s been watching Sarah Palin interviiieeewwws 

  • iamphoenix says:

    steven segal planted those thoughts into barnett’s head as a child.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    he certainly put something into barnett as a child

  • kwagnuth says:

    He sure is cunty. Seems like he is always mad at somebody.

  • kvelertak says:

    Doesn’t matter if he does or not, Overeem would destroy him.

  • CAP says:

    Roid Rage.

  • frickshun says:

    I’m a huge Barnett fan!!

    What’s that you say? This ISN’T 2006??

    I could care less about a washed up, chubby heavyweight who let the sport lap him years ago. Why in the fuck does anyone care about him any more??

    Stupid fucking nostalgia. Save it for when you’re old & you kids don’t visit you in the hospice.