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Barnett replaced because Affliction “couldn’t get a hold of him”

More details coming out regarding the whole Affliction / EliteXC partnership!

-Roy Nelson only found out a few hours before we did that he was fighting Andrei Arlovski:

“Talk about short notice,” said Nelson, who was originally slated to face Paul Buentello on Affliction’s Oct. 11 offering before the event was postponed. “All I can say is, that’s the fight game. You never know what can happen.”

-From Tom Atencio’s mouth on why it’s Roy and not Josh:

“He was offered the fight,” Atencio said. “I couldn’t get a hold of him. He was out of the country and it was just how it worked out that it ended up being Roy Nelson and Arlovski. It’s a good matchup either way, but now it makes it so that the winner of this fight is in contention to fight Fedor [Emelianenko].”

Damn, Josh. I know roaming charges are a bitch, but apparently that’s one missed call that just cost you a few hundred thousand dollars! Whoops!

-Here’s Tom Atencio saying the event will be in January:

“The   January show is a guarantee,” said Affliction VP Tom Atencio.

-Here Tom Atencio saying it may not be in January

“we’re not even confirmed for January, so right now we’re looking at the first quarter of 2009 — and that’s going to be with Golden Boy,”

Someone needs to tell Atencio he needs to pay attencio to the detailios, or he ends up looking like a retardio. I wouldn’t be so harsh on him regarding the date thing, but since Fedor’s participation is kinda sorta important and there’s that whole Fedor fighting in Japan shit brewing … yeah. You guys understand, right? I’m not flying off the handle over something stupid like Bill Gates shirts again, am I?