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Barely fight-related post of the day: Jim Norton, Rampage Jackson, and Dumpster-breath

That’s Jim Norton’s mug at UFC 86, seated to the left of Mandy Moore and her camo shirt.

As the UFC becomes more popular than your sister at the ZBT Halloween party, we see more and more references to the sport and to its stars in places we might not have a few years back. Jim Norton — stand-up comedian, co-host of the Opie & Anthony Show, and noted sex offender — published his second book, I Hate Your Guts, a few months ago. The beginning of one chapter begins with the following passage, which includes a mention of a certain UFC light heavyweight who loves Asian women and nutshots:

There’s a fat Dumpster-breath security guard here in New York City who I pray is being diagnosed with liver cancer as I type this. It was the night of an Opie & Anthony event, and we had a sold-out house of about eighteen hundred people. Being a part of the show, I had an All Access pass and was trying to get my friend backstage. He stopped her, and aggressively, so I told him she was with me. He starts in with this snotty. “I don’t even know who you are” shit. Unfortunatebly, I’m not Chuck Zito, Rampage Jackson, or Jim Norton with a gun. The joy I’d have gotten out of giving him the old “Sirhan Sirhan” is almost indescribable.

I’m reading the book right now and it’s funnier than “borrowing” your roommate’s girlfriend’s phone and texting the phrase “I think I’m pregnant” to your roommate. And that’s a jolly good time so you can imagine what the book is like.