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Barely fight related post of the day: A-Team in glorious technicolor

This right here is the first official picture of the new A-Team. This is a pretty sweet photo, and since it’s common knowledge that you can judge how good a movie is going to be by the quality of the promo images the studio releases for it, this movie should be pretty sweet. Vince from FilmDrunk actually has some info on the first scene of the movie, so I’m warning you now, SPOILER ALERT LOLZZZ:

I hear in the first scene, B.A. paints a giant mural of himself on the side of the van and then sideswipes a pregnant chick.

Ha-cha-cha-cha-chaaaaaa. I really need to know what Rampage did the first time he met Jessica Biel on set. It’s one thing to publicly hump japanese reporters or the girl CagePotato sent to interview you, but it’s an entirely differnt thing to publicly hump established Hollywood actresses. An entirely awesome thing, if you ask me.