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Badr Hari sees red at Sensation White

Sensation White is an annual stadium rave in Holland where people talk in grandiose broken English about how they’re changing the world with unity and togetherness when they’re really just gurning their faces off to boom-tss music. Not that there’s anything wrong with that … I’d pay a few hundred guilders to grind around in a sea of E’d up Dutch chicks for 12 hours. But things went pretty sideways at this year’s event, and kickboxing bad boy Badr Hari was at the heart of it. Some dude took 140 beats per minute and was left in a bloody heap outside of Hari’s VIP booth.

“Suddenly a lot of noise from the box where Badr was present, glass shattering, etc., the door opens, and a guy thrown out. His whole head inelkaar his nose, his eyes, there was a lot of blood but it is bizarre that his foot just hanging loose, the bone stuck out his foot and hung half-down back. That guy did not know what had happened and what stammered. Someone told me that two guests had entered the vipbox and this guy from nowhere, had done this and then were gone. Badr Hari stood sheepishly looking, with a hopeless look of ‘what have I done now, at least as I interpreted it eh. With his jaw covered in blood with a towel wrapped aim. ”

Badr Hari denied these claims shortly after, stating that he had nothing to do with what happened.

I know I get that sheepish look whenever I see someone’s head smashed in and their ankle stomped to paste. It wasn’t just some random scuzzy raver either:

It looks like the victim is multimillionaire Koen Everink, and that the damages to his person might be so severe that he might never be able to walk properly again. The police have not ruled out Badr’s involvement in the assault yet, although he and his lawyer claim he is innocent. From the reports that we are hearing he will give a statement to the police either today or tomorrow and hopefully this can be cleared up.

Poor Badr. It’s been a few years since the last time he’s been accused of brutally assaulting someone, and he’d finally changed his rep in Holland from ‘psychopath gangster’ to ‘the dude boinking soccer star Ruud Gillit’s wife.’ Time to reset the clock back to ‘0 Days Without a Violent Incident.’ The lesson to learn here: stay away from Badr Hari. Even if he isn’t the one who’s going to brutally assault you, someone else nearby might.