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Badr Hari now claims he only beat that millionaire up a little

Remember when Badr Hari was accused of attempted manslaughter, and he acted all “Why do these accusations always come my way?” before jaunting off on vacation to somewhere the cops couldn’t question him? Well, maybe if he didn’t keep thrashing people within an inch of their lives, he wouldn’t keep having these problems. Hari has since updated his story from “I had absolutely nothing to do with it” to “Okay, maybe I did hit him once, but the rest of the pummeling came from my gang of cronies.”

According to Badr Hari he is not solely responsible for the severe injuries Everink. The martial arts champion was in the incident during Sensation dance party in their own words ‘only’ have given a hit. The other injuries, according to the reading of Hari caused by co-offenders, of whom now also been arrested.

Last week against the detective statement made is at odds with Hari’s earlier assertions, included interviews that he had seen nothing of the abuse or marked.

Now there still is a confession of Hari will also girlfriend Estelle Cruyff returned to the grilling by the police. She stated earlier that her friend had done nothing. A witness is required by law to tell the truth.

Hari has returned home and is now sitting in solitary confinement until all this is resolved. And yeah, Estelle Cruyff is the wife of soccer star Ruud Gullit that Hari has been boffing. Their relationship is already tabloid fodder in Holland, and I’m sure her lying to protect her violent idiot of a boyfriend will feed front page headlines for weeks to come. Meanwhile, millionaire victim Koen Everink still can’t walk. Associates are currently sizing up gypsy legs in search of a ‘donor’ match. Har har, just kidding. It’ll be at least another 10 years before technology allows us to harvest gypsies for their limbs. Right now it’s only organs.

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    Whats soccer?

    Is that what Scandinavians call football?

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    So is your mother.
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