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Badr Hari is out of jail somehow

My God this Holland. Apparently you can be charged with several counts of Fucking People Up and still be released on bail:

Today, Hari was provisionally released from prison. What this means is that he is still a suspect and still faces charges but that the judge felt it was no longer necessary for him to be held in prison. According to the judge, there is not enough evidence to hold Hari any longer, but that doesn’t mean that he’s completely gotten off free.

Hari will have to meet some conditions upon his return. He is not allowed to come in contact with witnesses and victims and is not allowed anywhere in the “catering industry” which would refer to clubs, restaurants and the like.

The trial is pegged to start in around January. While Badr’s provisional release cannot be challenged, the court still has the power to take him into custody again if they feel they have enough evidence.

I can’t wait for Law & Order: The Netherlands, where eye witnesses, blood, and a past history of more violence than an entire crew of soccer hooligans isn’t enough to hold a guy in prison. Not to say I’m rooting for Badr to go to jail. Now that the guy is out of jail, I’m not saying another bad word about him, lest he decide to knock all my teeth out, smash a glass in my face, and cripple me.