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Badr Hari is looking at 10+ years in jail

(Badr Hari def. Koen Everink in R1 via foot stomps)

Looks like Badr Hari’s habit of beating the shit out of people has finally landed him in some legit hot water. Following millionaire Koen Everink’s near death experience with Hari at an arena rave, charges were brought against the K-1 fighter for attempted manslaughter. Now there are a total of 8 violence charges pending. According to Dutch website, some of those other victims include

  • a club owner who had his teeth kicked out
  • a nightclub attendee who had a glass smashed in his face
  • a woman
  • a dude who was beaten with a knuckleduster

So at this point can we stop describing Badr as a ‘bad boy’? I feel like that term should be saved for teenage K-Pop stars with hip hop stylings and athletes that tear up hotel rooms, not violent psychopaths who assault and cripple people on a regular basis.