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Bad time to be a giant

What a shitty summer for Hong Man Choi. Things started off so well … between his retiring of Gary Goodridge and a huge payday in store for K1 Dynamite, he must have been flying high. Of course, that all unravelled when the CSAC denied his fighter’s license because of a tumor on his pituitary gland. With that, his paycheck for headlining Dynamite went kaput along with his chances for ever getting sanctioned in the US again. To add insult to injury, now it looks like the CSAC is accusing Choi of falsifying past MRIs to be sanctioned in Las Vegas:

The paperwork filed with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) showed a “perfect MRI” without a tumor, said CSAC Executive Officer Armando Garcia, whereas the MRI results taken this year clearly showed the presence of a tumor roughly 2 cm wide. Logically, this could mean only two possible scenarios: a) the MRI submitted in California was doctored, or b) a tumor appeared within a year, which is plausible, but unlikely as Choi admitted to having a tumor since high school.

Choi’s shitty summer doesn’t end there. Apparently all this kerfuffle in America is causing waves in Korea, with Choi at the centre of a moral debate:

Following the news report that stressed the life-threatening severity of acromegaly and gigantism, of which Choi is claimed to be suffering from, he has since gone into seclusion, resurfacing just once to hold an interview with and express his resentment towards the Korean media, which he claims has painted a malicious and erroneous depiction of his illness.

“I’m a human being too,” he said. “Like everyone else I want to live a long and healthy life. I’m the kind of person who believes your health is more important than money. Why would I have jumped into K-1 if I thought I was going to die in a few years? If I felt that there was even a 0.01 percent possibility, I’d walk away.

“I’m thankful people are concerned, but right now I just want to leave the country and live overseas,” wailed an indignant Choi in response to accusations of the moral depravity in risking one’s health for money.

I don’t know why, but I feel bad for Hong Man Choi. I understand there’s obvious safety issues in letting a dude with a tumor in his head fight. But somehow I think this is all bunk … I have a feeling you could hit Choi with a bus several times and he’d be just fine. And if he dies and they ban busses, oh well big deal. I hate the bus anyways. They always throw me off it when I try to touch the old women. Stuffy bastards.

  • Jonathan says:

    I concur with your sentiment. It seems like hong Man Choi is getting ramrodded here for something that he has absolutely no control over. Some could say that is being discriminated against because of his giganticism. I mean, imagine if all this ruckus was caused by the fact that he was Korean or some other racial epitaph.

    Personally, I say if the man wants to fight, let him fight.

  • Royal B. says:

    to take away because of region or race is one thing.

    to take away because of being human, is another.