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Back to Japan for Josh

If Josh Barnett wants to run back to Japan and lick his wounds, he’s gonna have to deal with the rapidly shrinking MMA scene there:

But the Japanese scene is nowhere near as healthy as in Pride’s heyday: October’s Dream show will be the last on the Tokyo Broadcasting System channel, which creates serious doubt about their future; Sengoku is on better footing, but that’s due in part to their reasonable spending. In contrast to Pride’s substantial roster, only Hidehiko Yoshida and possibly Takanori Gomi stand out as fighters making an income there that would appeal to Barnett, who competed there twice. Whether they can still afford him is another matter.

Luckily for Josh, he is a man of multiple talents. On August 9th he’ll be wrasslin’ at the IGF GENOME 9 show in Japan and the day before he’ll be making an appearance at his old Pancrase stomping grounds, although not to fight … yet.