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Babalu’s about to be busy

Seems like Ken Pavia is the guy to go to when you get the boot from the UFC. Sean Salmon is also with him and has had 9 fights this year. And while it’s taken a little while for the Babalu train to start rolling, looks like he’s got a good number of fights coming up:

  • Xcess Fighting (the guys who just did the Mark Kerr fight) on Dec. 12 vs. TBA
  • Hardcore Fighting Championship (Canadian guys who brough Aleks E) on Feb. 1 vs. TBA
  • Strikeforce 205 lb. 4 man Tournament in March
  • Ted Dibiase says:

    the pav has a weird roster of fighters. if you go to their website and scroll thru their fighters youll see a “mr olympia” who looks like a roided out freak whod be slow as shit in the ring.

  • Thomas says:

    odds he will choke someone to death?

  • They’re seriously bringing in guys like Babalu for Bobby Southworth? Talk about protecting your champ!

  • intenso says:

    Babalu might be a fucking psycho but he’s a good fucking fighter.

  • Dru Down says:

    “They’re seriously bringing in guys like Babalu for Bobby Southworth? Talk about protecting your champ!”

    Babalu wins that fight, imo. Southworth always prefers to go to the ground eventually, and Babalu is simply way more agressive on the floor. I mean really, even Vitor subbed B South.

    Besides, even if he doesn’t fight for the belt he’s a good journeyman 205’er and makes the division look fuller.

    Strikeforce is really starting to flesh out its roster, and they’ve done it in an incredibly short amount of time. I just hope they can keep attendance high enough that they can keep signing talent for the next couple years. Are they getting money from Showtime or Bodog for some of these contracts?

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    why would they protect bobby southworth?

  • Sauce says:

    How would matching up against Babalu be considered protecting Southworth. Southworth is garbage. He’s improved a bit, but couldnt even get out of the Ultimate Fighter house.

    Babalu will eat him for breakfast. Babalu can whipe out the lightheavyweight divisions in most of these organizations without much problem.

  • I still think it was a fucking retarded move by the UFC to let go of Babalu. Hopefully he will be back soon.