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Babalu is a Babaliar

Okay, I couldn’t resist getting in on all the retard action by making a stupid Babapun. And hey, why not? What’s funnier than a guy getting fired for a momentary lapse of judgement? Of course I’m sure most of the MMA community has family and friends who are in jail for ‘momentary lapeses of judgement’ too, so maybe you see it as fair game.

I’ve already said about as much as I want to say about the whole choke thing, but in regards to Babalu’s statement there’s a few things worth noting: He does everything right in it … except admit that what he did was on purpose. And boy, doesn’t that just sink the rest of the good work in his statement. Let’s take a look at where this letter self-destructs:

I did not intentionally choke out David Heath. The first that I realized that David had tapped was when people told me that he did after the fight. When I finally had the chance to view the tape, I see that he did. When David tapped, I did not feel it. I wish I did for I would have let it go. Instead, I continued to hold it. Not because I was upset or wanted him to lose consciousness. I held it because I didn’t know he tapped and I was intent on winning the fight. Holding on to a choke a little long is not an uncommon mistake made in training, and never in my career have I witnessed or heard of an injury resulting from it.

When I had the choke, I was not looking the referee in the eyes as one commentator erroneously observed. Nor did I hear the referee issue any verbal command to release the hold. Instead, my head was down to strengthen the move and my eyes closed with focus. As a result, I did not feel the referee tap me the first time either. It was not until he put his hands on my right shoulder that I felt him trying to separate us. When I felt this, I immediately released the choke.

Jeez, it’s really too bad that there were all those pesky cameras around during the fight to contradict what Babalu said. I can believe the idea of a miscommunication in the post-fight talk, but Babalu not realizing the fight was over? The only way Renato could have missed Heath’s tap, missed the verbal commands, and miss the ref’s subsequent tap is if he’d lost control of himself.

And in the end, that’s really what Babalu should have said. “Sorry, I lost control.” Not “Sorry, it wasn’t intentional” because yes, it was intentional. But framed in the context of losing control, at least it becomes more understandable. And respectable than denying it.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Where’s that low blow?

  • Recording tonight. Schedule goes now that we record on Monday or Tuesday and release by wednesday morning … since I’ve got jiu jitsu classes monday night now, most likely scenario from now on is the tuesday night record / wednesday early morning upload.