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B sample results in; still positive

(Before he “>gave all his fat clothes to his fat friends)

The Wrestling Observer gives us the heads up on the other half of Josh Barnett’s pee:

Also positive for 2a-methyl-5a-androstan-3a-ol-17-one.

So that one is all about the ‘roids as well. For those unfamiliar with urine division, the reason they split samples in half is to see if a false positive the first time is a result of a mis-test (faulty equipment, mis-reading of results, contaminated instuments, etc.) In this case, it wasn’t. You could probably make a Top Ramen in a puddle of Barnett’s urine, as hot as it’s testing.

I’m still very interested in what Josh has to say about the whole institution of steroids. Dude’s been pretty adamant about staying quiet when it comes to his positives. That doesn’t really work after after three strikes, but it’s both good and bad that he hasn’t come out to talk about them: good in the sense that he’s not being a blatant liar blaming goat meat and nose spray; bad that he’s disregarding the fact that the burden of proof is on him. If Barnett just filled us in with some non-legalese he could lessen the massive amount of damage to his reputation.