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Australia sounds excited for the UFC

The UFC is coming to Australia in February, and you know what that means: painful g’day, down under, and kangaroo jokes from all the other websites every time any news comes out about the event. But the truth of the matter is Australians aren’t happy go lucky Crocodile Dundee stereotypes. As a culture they’re actually pretty conservative and xenophobic of anything they consider ‘other’. It’s not really their fault … their politicians are douchebags and their press sucks worse than America’s. A perfect example of this suckitude: the Sydney Morning Herald article below, which is about the best knee-jerk reaction piece on the UFC I’ve read since 2002. Some excerpts:

THE sport described by critics as “human cockfighting” is coming to a stadium near you, despite warnings that US-style cage fighting will fuel more violence on the city’s streets.

UFC fighters use a brutal combination of martial arts, boxing, kick boxing and wrestling inside a cage called the octagon.

Competitors are permitted to pin an opponent to the floor and punch or elbow them into unconsciousness in a move known as “pound and ground”. UFC rules explicitly ban fighters avoiding contact, faking injury or throwing in the towel, while the absence of a blood rule often leaves the octagon looking more like an abattoir.

Health experts have condemned UFC plans to introduce the contentious sport into Australia. “It’s madness. If this was the animal world, the RSPCA would come down on you like a ton of bricks,” said leading neurologist Professor Mark Cook of St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

“As in boxing, the nature of sport means that brain injury is inevitable and this cage fighting may be worse, with people allowed to hit somebody while on the ground.”

A prominent criminologist questioned whether UFC should be staged in Australia .

“This is the last thing we need to be importing,” said Professor Rob White from the University of Tasmania. “UFC may have an even bigger impact than other forms of violence because it is a blood sport where we make heroes out of people who bash each other.”

I love how they call it “pound and ground”. And the way they think throwing in the towel is discouraged when the rule just clarifies that if your towel ends up in the cage, the fight is over. You know, how throwing in the towel works? ” target=”_blank”> If they saw Diggstown, they’d understand why the rule totally needs to exist.

But hey, I could sit here all day poking holes in this shoddy article that was cobbled together by three clueless writers (I’m curious as to what kind of reporter willingly puts their name on something as factually inaccurate at this), but just like the “Hur hur g’day mate” shit, there’s gonna be a bunch more of these kinds of things between now and February so I think I’ll pace myself a bit.