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Aurelio given a soft rebound, New Jersey given another shitty match

The UFC seems to be giving Marcus Aurelio a chance to shine by putting him up against an opponent so obscure he doesn’t even have a single picture on Sherdog. Luke Caudillo’s greatest achievement was … um … losing to Nate Mohr at Ultimate Fight Night 10. Past that he’s got a shitty 12-8 record, with almost all of his wins coming against guys with under .500 records.

I gotta find out who Caudillo’s agent is … if he can make it into the UFC maybe I can too. We’re probably about the same skill level and goddamn if I ain’t more marketable with my pretty boy good looks and sweet talk. The ladies would go nuts for me, I tells you.

Is this really the best fight the UFC can sort out for Aurelio? This guy was once considered the king without a crown of the PRIDE lightweight division. Now he’s been reduced to fighting a scrub in the dark matches of the UFC. PRIDE curse? Never heard of it.

  • Audacity says:

    Losing to the Karo of the lightweight division didn’t sit well with his career. PRIDE seemed to build fighters into top contenders by making them look good against cans. The UFC if following by example, much like a group of monkeys that start masturbating because one of the others is doing it.

  • maafaka says:

    Aurelio, a king ? maybe a king of tomato cans, then… He lost four of his last seven bouts, got a alelulia sub against gomi and could kill any opponents with boredom…apart that, i dont get what makes danas panties wet about him for easying his way into the division

  • Roots says:

    Caudillo is one of Sven Bean’s guys, I believe.

    And what “makes danas panties wet about him (Aurelio) for easying his way into the division” is that they foolishly signed him to a four fight contract that will pay him a base of about 35K for this, the second fight on that contract, before they became fully aware of just how overrated he’s always been by the hardcore fans.

  • I guess the question is should the UFC keep giving guys so much credit for what they accomplish in other organizations?

  • Audacity says:

    Fighters from different organizations deserve a lot of credit when they come over because they beat the best in their organization, which is not the UFC and therefore better. Now, on the other hand, if Cro Cop, Aurelio, Nakamura, Henderson and Shogun get raped, then that theory is shot to shit.