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ATTN: Luke / WhoopAss / BloodyElbow

HEY BITCH! I’m calling you out! A few days ago you said Spencer Fisher was going to beat Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night. I challenged you on it and you PUSSED OUT! Now I’m bringing it public so everyone can see what kinda WOMAN you are!

Here’s the deal: You’re a dummy who thinks Spencer Fisher is gonna win and I’m a genius who knows Stout’s gonna take this fight. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is so lets make things interesting. Since I know you are a man with a weak constitution, I’ll give you a few options on what’s at stake:

  1. Loser gets a Brock Lesnar chest tattoo (if you don’t already have a big cock on your chest)
  2. Loser provides a 30 second audio clip for the other person’s radio show reading whatever statement the winner provides (Hi I’m Luke, the host of the first MMA radio show made for and by homos)
  3. Loser puts a banner on their website for a few days that says “Fightlinker is smarter than me” I suppose if you win the banner will say you’re smarter than me, but of course there’s no way I’ll lose.

So what do you say Luke? Are you willing to step up? Will you go on record and say Spencer Fisher is gonna take out Sam Stout? Are your testicles anywhere near big enough to put something on the line? I pray to my lord and savior Jesus Christ (rapture be soon!) that they are. Because there’s nothing I will enjoy more than rubbing it in your face when Stout wipes the mat with Fisher.

  • Luke says:

    Fightlinker – you’re on, bitch cakes! I didn’t ignore your functionally-literate challenge, either. I was just saving you the embarrassment of endorsing that position.

    I’m running out of real estate when it comes to tattoos, so no dice on option one. Even if I win and you read a 30 second promo about how great I am on your radio show, I’m pretty sure all three of your loyal listeners won’t care. So let’s go with the third option. If I win, the banner says “This is a terrible blog. Please visit BloodyElbow instead. Thank you”.

    Sam Stout = Candaian. Spencer Fisher = Miletich. Like I told you before, a Country Breakfast beats Canadian bacon everytime, fuck face.

  • Matthew Watt says:

    Fightlinker, why do you always go so far below the belt?

  • Luke says:

    “Fightlinker, why do you always go so far below the belt?”

    I’m the one being called a bitch and I think it’s funny…and by “funny” I mean “Fightlinker fucks guys”.

  • Because the only way to see if Luke’s got something below his belt is to go down there.

  • Luke says:

    It’s on tonight. I can’t wait for my banner.

  • Ah the power of positive thinking

  • Luke says:

    In your face, pig fucker!!!!!!!

  • Shit fuck damn crap!