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Attention Ken Pavia : You’re bad at your job

About a month and a half ago, MMA agent extrordinaire Ken Pavia went on the Youtubes and basically said “sponsorship money isn’t quite where it needs to be”. Well, try telling that to Andrei Arlovski, who’s making approximately half a fucking million in sponsorships this year:

“Niche marketing works, and the UFC is a very good niche,” says Dave Greeley, executive vice-president of KemperSports Marketing & Communications in Northbrook. “American sports fans like violence, they like tough guys, so there are companies that will want to project a tough image and reach this audience.”

Mr. Arlovski will earn about $500,000 in endorsements this year for products ranging from Met-Rx nutritional supplements to a line of special-edition “Pitbull” high-definition TVs manufactured by Ontario, Calif.-based Soyo Group Inc., according to his marketing agent, Keith Gelman. He also hires himself out to appear at parties, for a cool $10,000.

I make millions upon millions of dollars a year, so this is all chump change to me. But I can understand how from a commoner’s point of view this would seem like a lot of money. It’s definately proof that the money is out there if you know how to get it. I know, I know … not everyone can get sponsorship from prestigious companies like (I like more anyways). When 90% of your fighters look alike, sound alike, and fight that same college wrestling style, it’s gonna be hard to land the same deals as a guy who looks like he took on the entire Persian army.

Two tips for all you aspiring fighters out there looking to stand apart from the pack and get known:

  1. stop dying your hair neon and covering yourself in stupid tattoos.
  2. hire a marketing agent.

Simply put, guys like the Pav get you fights and free t-shirts. Guys like Andrei’s marketing agent Keith Gelman get you oodles of money from 1001 random companies and tickets to the AVN Awards.