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Attention Cage Rage: The UFC just wants you to bend over and take it like a bitch.

It seems like the UFC has sued or considered suing pretty much every MMA organization in areas they’re trying to expand into. Off the top of my head, this extends to the IFL, WFA, EliteXC, Cage Rage, and smaller UK promotion FX3. However, it seems like companies who bend over and pull trouser end up getting more lovin’ than fuckin’ from the UFC. Here’s what happened after FX3 complied with UFC lawyer demands:

A few weeks later, James received another letter, stating that the UFC had noticed alterations made to Web site, and that they found the changes acceptable, again stating that the UFC held the exclusive rights to the term, “Ultimate Fighting.”

However, no ill feeling appears to remain on behalf of the Berkshire, England-based FX3 promoter. “Although we kind of got a nasty letter originally, they’ve come back in a nice way,” said James. “Since this has happened, I have actually been contacted by (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva. And I received an e-mail from (UFC UK president) Marshall Zelaznik the other day, saying that he would have liked to have come to the [FX3] event, but was busy, so he’s going to try to come down to the November event.”

So it seems like the UFC just wants these smaller companies to bow down and be subservient. If they do, then things are rosy and the UFC will even work with them. If they don’t, the UFC will do whatever it takes to grind it’s competition into dust. Interesting.

  • would like to remain anonymous says:

    i have just had to pull my u.k. ufc fansite after threats from ufc /Zuffa Lawyers that they would sue me as my domain name contained ufc in it, how lame is that all we did was promote their organisation and they wanted to sue a couple of MMA fans, they want my domain name what are they gonna do with it? but there offering the £7.00 to transfer it over as good will, oh how very kind of them!! why are the bothering with people who are not even competition to them, what will they do if i start up

  • I look forward to the day we get email threats from Zuffa’s lawyers. That’ll be sweet.

  • By the way, I know which site you’re talking about, crappy deal. Looks like they’re really pushing hard in the UK right now to push everyone out.

  • would like to remain anonymous says:

    totally we got our first letter straight after UFC 70 coincidence we think not, matters not, we started up our new site and work harder than ever to promote other organisations, our push for strikeforce etc probably wont match the ufc dollar but at least we don’t have to dance to dana whites tune.

  • would like to remain anonymous says:

    well i never we received an email today off the ufc lawyers they have forbidden us from posting the letters they have sent us as ufc own the exclusive copyright of those communications, they own the copyright to letters they have sent me, as if a letter is a piece of art that could be stolen, i’d better not even think about the content of those letters as that would be reproducing the content and probably get me in hot water, they also demand the i change the current redirect page of my ufc fansite as it basically tells the truth that ufc shut us down and they don’t like that but its nothing to do with what it says it to do with the fact that i use a trademark in the wording, i am not allowed to say UFC, so they are happy for me to cover ufc news and events on a new domain name but i cant say UFC hmmm! seems like they want it all one way, i think these letters may end up on the net somehow