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Atencio doesn’t sound sure about a third show

Midsy talked with Tom Atencio recently and tried to pin down what was up with Affliction Entertainment and if a third show was going to be happening soon. The answer? A good solid “maybe”:

I understand you just signed Din Thomas?
I believe so. I’ve been working on it. I don’t know if he’s signed the final paperwork, but we have definitely been working on Din. I think he’s a great fighter.

It’s a little weird to me that you’re signing fighters when you’re not ready to say you’re going to have a third show.
It’s not that I’m not ready, it’s just that we don’t have dates. We’re moving ahead. It’s just a matter of finalizing the dates. I’ve learned a lot in this industry, and one thing is not talking before I have contracts finalized. The fight in Las Vegas, we had the date and the venue but nothing was finalized, and toward the end we decided it wasn’t a good choice. To me, I just want to make sure we’re done before we start giving anybody information.

I haven’t heard you say, explicitly, “Yes, we’re definitely doing a third show.”
I don’t think it’s a matter of that, I think it’s just, like I said, I’m just trying to take it one fight at a time. … You want me to give you a definite answer, and the definite answer I can give you right now is I do not have dates or a venue as of today.

Yeah that technically sounds like the truth but it also sounds like an epic dodge to me. Last I heard, Affliction has all sorts of wacky contracts with it’s top names where it NEEDS to book them X number of times or they’ll owe money anyways. Why Atencio agreed to this I have no idea, but I’m not the crazy clothing designer burning gigantic piles of money (although perhaps now I can understand him a bit better now that I have a wacky business model of my own).

Truth be told, I’d love another Affliction show … all signs have pointed towards Fedor and Josh squaring off, which is the last big fight I need Affliction to provide me before they kick it. And I’m not saying that to be mean to Affliction. If they keep throwing shows, Tom Atencio and the gang will be sleeping in refrigerator boxes down on Hollywood boulevard sooner rather than later.